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Ukrainian medicine has long become a reason for jokes: «Come when you die...». Hospitals are being closed, governmental facilities require more and more qualified personnel. The reason for this is considered to be bureaucracy and corruption of the entire system, and more and more people say that someone has to put an end to this.

Medical students lack international experience

«Where's Kharkiv? Donetsk here? Dentists? And where's Bogomolets?» — that's how today's UMSA General Assembly kicked off in Bogomolets National Medical University in Kiev. Among the participants - students from medical universities from all over the country, members of Ukrainian Dentists Association, Olga Bogomolets (a renowned Ukrainian physician from a famous Ukrainian medical dinasty) and Volodymyr Zagorodniy. All gathered to discuss problems of modern medicine.

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Today we will discuss the participation of Ukrainian medical students in international projects and exchange programs - Garik Melkumyan, UMSA President

Most honorary guests agree that Ukrainian medical personnel lacks international experience.

UMSA has a unique opportunity to start international exchange through the International Federation of Medical Students' Associations, which allows students to take part in exchange all over the globe without the need to be favoured by the administration of the university. Unfortunately, only chosen students in Ukraine have the possibility to take part in exchange programs organized by Universities. In fact, through IFMSA the student will have a much broader choice of countries. UMSA eventually will register the participant, check his language knowledge and his university progress. After the student passes these stages - he's open for exchange!

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Exchange for the sake of mutual enrichment

Apart from proffessional exchange the program also might allow some students to take part in research exchange programs and gain priceless experience in modern clinics.

Such exchange is very valuable whereas they contribute to mutual enrichment of experience and raising the level of medical education of the student and the country as a whole. This happens via the students, who come back after exchange as a king of chain reaction. These students will have the opportunity to change the medical education and healthcare system in Ukraine in the nearest future. But can we guarantee that student will come back after the wonderfull experience abroad?

The program does not provide employment or emigration of students abroad. Contrariwise, it aims to enpower the healthcare and medical education systems in the country - Garik Melkumyan

To implement the project into reality we need to enhance our universities to international standarts. Only then can we take part in international exchange programs. The Association, in cooperation with medical universities in Ukraine are doing their best to accomplish this uneasy goal and certain progress is already seen. 

In fact, the IFMSA General Assembly in Taiwan will take place really soon, in August 2014, so there's not much time left. Moreover, there is another problem: funds. Ukrainian student needs to hold over his scholarship funds for three years to buy a ticket to Taiwan. Yet Olga Bogomolets offered her help in the matter. Thanks to her help our delegation will have the opportunity to visit the August Meeting GA. 


UMSA as a part of IFMSA

«Our organization is really young and inexperienced compered to other member-associations in IFMSA, — says Garik, — yet we are doing our best to be the best. And we prove it by becoming official IFMSA associate members in less than 2 years of our existence. In fact, we are the only medical students association in Ukraine and we hope to live up to every students expectations».

IFMSA certificate is recognized in Europe, and he main goals for the assocation for now is to gain recognition for IFMSA in Ukraine, establish the exchange idea in Ukrainian universities and to allow medical students to participate in fun and educational events in Ukraine (held by UMSA) and abroad. Our country is worthy of European medicine, whereas Ukraine IS Europe! 

Materials by STUDWAY

Translated by Volodymyr Smolanka