UMSA-UzhNU SCORA members presented a lecture "HIV/AIDS: is it worth being worried?" to children in schools of Transcarpathia

Goal: to explain the HIV/AIDS problem to children in Transcarpathia and to teach them how to handle it


Question of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is still quite topical for today. That is why efficient work with youth particularly of school age is required. Because just in this age teenagers by being matured gain their first sexual experience.

4th year students of Medical Faculty of Ivano-Frankivsk Medical University, members of Ukrainian Medical Students Association Mykola Ostrovskyi and Olexandr Fedchenko visited specialized school №5 of Ivano-Frankivsk to deliver their own lecture.

L5fDF0aXPakOn December 1 due to the World AIDS Day UMSA members from Vinnitsia Pirohov Memoral Medical University provided "AIDS - the plague of XXI century" program for schoolchildren of the city.