Question of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is still quite topical for today. That is why efficient work with youth particularly of school age is required. Because just in this age teenagers by being matured gain their first sexual experience.

4th year students of Medical Faculty of Ivano-Frankivsk Medical University, members of Ukrainian Medical Students Association Mykola Ostrovskyi and Olexandr Fedchenko visited specialized school №5 of Ivano-Frankivsk to deliver their own lecture.

After previous coordination with school directors' staff, students made a report for pupils of 10th form about teenage pregnancy and its outcomes, about common sexually transmitted diseases and most prevailing kind of contraception – condoms. Naturally, students' reaction varied: someone listened, was highly interested and someone smiled all the time. After lections had been finished, a training of condoms ware on molds started. Everyone there had possibility to gain the skill.

Management of the school expressed gratitude for this activity delivering and offered to carry out it again for 11th form pupils. As importance of nation' reproductive health and diseases' prevention is clear.