UMSA-UzhNU SCORA members presented a lecture "HIV/AIDS: is it worth being worried?" to children in schools of Transcarpathia

Goal: to explain the HIV/AIDS problem to children in Transcarpathia and to teach them how to handle it

Organizers: Volodymyr Smolanka (UMSA VPE) and Margarita Ustyugova (LORA at UMSA-UzhNU)

Event programme:

December 1 is the International HIV/AIDS Day. It was founded in 1988 after the meeting of Ministers of Health of all countries and their comment on the importance of AIDS awareness.

The lectures were presented by SCORA members:
December, 1: Mary Golovach and Margarita Ustyugova, Natalya Popovich and Julia Irchok presented in School #3; Agnesh Becke and Mary Golovach presented in School #9;
December, 2: Natalya Popovich and Julia Irchok presented in School #12
December, 3: Natalya Vus and Olena Vestyuk presented in Uzhhorod gymnasium
December, 5: Pavlina Grabova and Vita Verstyuk presented in School #2

The children were eager to interrogate the problem and discuss it.

We would like to thank the principals of the above listed schools for their cooperation and help!

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