What is a BLS instructor?
At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of Ukrainian Council of resuscitation, which confirms, that you are an instructor of BLS and have the right to teach others.

Who conducts the courses?
Instructors European Council resuscitation.

Who can become an instructor?

Medical students of 4-6 courses, medical interns, assistants of chairs from all medical high schools in Ukraine, at a rate that every university is entitled to delegate only 12 people.

Selection criteria:
1. The desire and ability to teach.
2. Leadership skills.
3. Basic knowledge of premedical assistance.

What is my further part in the project when I was an instructor certificate BLS?
Educate others to provide first aid to the greatest number of people.

Where will the course take place?
On the Training Centre of Disaster Medicine in Kiev.

How to become an instructor?
1. Fill in the registration form by 10 January 2015!


For more information please contact your local university coordinators or by the number 099-532-14-41 Yaroslava