UMSA President


Anastasiia Petrenko

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Vice-President for External Affairs


Victoria Bigunets

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Victoria is currently a first-year Internal Diseases intern in Kyiv. Active, determined and witty.

UMSA member since 2014. Has worked as UMSA-Kyiv's Medical Volunteer Project Coordinator, UMSA-Kyiv coordinator and interim Vice-president for Internal Affairs. Has organized many massive projects, such as Universum Internship, Cardiology in Use, also plans to make a Nationwide Teddy-bear Hospital Project. Her creed: "The goal is to work with people who believe what you believe"

UMSA for Victoria is not just a hobby or a workplace. It's much bigger and much more meaningful, it's her family, her team with eternal possibilities, it's a way to make a difference.

Plans and goals:
- Get in touch with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine and start a collaboration;
- Contributing to academic mobility of medical students by founding a inner exchange system between medical universities in Ukraine;
- starting a collaboration with M-GATE, SASA foundation (Poland), SOMS (Romania), NYCUkraine;
- starting a collaboration with "ZAVTRA.UA" foundation

Vice-president for Internal Affairs


Bohdan Melnyk

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Bohdan graduated from the NMU named after O.O. Bohomolets and currently is enrolled in the Internal Diseases internship programme at the LNMU named after Danylo Halytsky and serves as an intern in the Lutsk City Clinical Hospital.

Bohdan is an active member of the UMSA since December 2015. At first, he worked at SCOME UMSA-Kyiv. Later, he became the co-organizer of the English-speaking club Thinking Squirrel Club. After the Second Carpathian Forum, he joined SCOPE and was actively involved in the reception of foreign students in the summer of 2016. From September 2016, he was acting as LEO UMSA-Kyiv, being responsible for coordinating student-outgoings of UMSA-Kyiv. From December 2016 to November 2017, he took the position of assistant of the National Coordinator for Professional Exchange (NEO-assistant). He helped to organize the exchange of Ukrainian students and was responsible for selecting students and supporting them in the execution of documents. In April 2017 he was one of the co-organizers of the SCOPE Training Weekend.

Since November 2017, Bogdan holds the position of Vice President of Internal Affairs.

Priority areas of work at the position:

- maintenance of the online databases of the Association and online databases of activity of the National and Local Committees;
- constant support and coordination of work of the National and Local Committees;
- strict supervision of the activity of the Committees and Local Representative Offices and bringing their work into compliance with IFMSA requirements;
- Creation of a transparent accounting system for Association members;
- creation of qualitative normative documents of the Association on all aspects of its work;
- cooperation with other IFMSA member organizations in order to transfer their experience and introduce new knowledge to the work of the UMSA;
- Unification and enhancement of the level of recognition of projects and their withdrawal from local to the national level;
- the establishment of strong traditions of transfer of experience to younger members of the Association.

Achievements at the position:

- initiated the development of the Association Regulations on various aspects of its work;
- facilitated the cooperation of the Association with the network of clinics "Dobrobut", organized the selection for hospitalization in CardiCenter;
- worked on the creation of a unified online database of the Association's work and activities of the Local Representations and Committees of the Association has begun.

Participation in projects:

- In April 2018 he was the head of the UMSA delegation at EuRegMe 2018 in Frankenfels (Austria), which helped to establish cooperation with the leaders of other IFMSA member organizations in order to improve the exchange of work experience;

- In August 2018, he was chairman of the UMSA delegation during the Ukrainian-Lithuanian LiMSA & UMSa project "We Grow by Sharing" project, during which cooperation with LiMSA was established and new traditions of exchange of experience with foreign colleagues were started.