UMSA President


Volodymyr Smolanka

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Born and raised in the picturesque region of Ukraine - Transcarpathia. A true familyman, praising family tradition above all. Works as a junior resident at Uzhhorod Regional Clinical Centre of Neurosurgery and Neurology.

Works at UMSA since the very begining in 2013 as UMSA-Uzhhorod coordinator and Vice-president for External Affairs. Since September 2016 worked as UMSA Interim President. During his reign as Vice-president for External Affairs, UMSA has become a full IFMSA member. At the plenary session on December 3, 2016 UMSA Council has adopted a new Constitution and Bylaws, created under his guidance. President since December 4, 2016

Plans and goals:
- readjustment of UMSA internal structure, making it more transparent and member-friendly;
- increasing the number of international exchanges for UMSA members to 200 per year in 2019;

Vice-President for Internal Affairs


Victoria Bigunets

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Another representative of the Transcarpathia region

As of December 2016 - 6th year student at Bogomolets National Medical University in Kyiv. Active, determined and witty.

UMSA member since 2014. Has worked as UMSA-Kyiv's Medical Volunteer Project Coordinator, UMSA-Kyiv coordinator and interim Vice-president for Internal Affairs. Has organized many massive projects, such as Universum Internship, Cardiology in Use, also plans to make a Nationwide Teddy-bear Hospital Project. Her creed: "The goal is to work with people who believe what you believe"

UMSA for Victoria is not just a hobby or a workplace. It's much bigger and much more meaningful, it's her family, her team with eternal possibilities, it's a way to make a difference.

Plans and goals:
- Get in touch with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine and start a collaboration;
- Contributing to academic mobility of medical students by founding a inner exchange system between medical universities in Ukraine;
- starting a collaboration with M-GATE, SASA foundation (Poland), SOMS (Romania), NYCUkraine;
- starting a collaboration with "ZAVTRA.UA" foundation

Vice-president for External Affairs


Alina Vakoliuk

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Alina is a 5th year student at Vinnitsya National Medical University and an active participant of a number of conferences and events. Among others, she has twice received scholarship at ZAVTRA.UA and has participated in "Study tours to Poland" project.

Alina is a member of UMSA SCOPE commitee since 2014. In may 2015 she has been elected as NEO-assistant and a few months later - as National Exchange Officer. Alina has increased the number of proffesional exchanges for Ukraine form 10 in 2015 to 87 in 2017, has created a national selection system for SCOPE Exchange, established contacts with SCOPE international team and IFMSA Officials, as well as other IFMSA National Member Organizations' NEOs.

Plans and goals:
- Start IFMSA priority programs in Ukraine;
- Ensure UMSA teamwork at IFMSA General Assemblies;
- Start a SCORE committee in UMSA;
- Contribute to UMSA SCOPE committee work.