Ukrainian medical students association is an independent, non-governmental and non-political organization. The Ukrainian Medical Students’ Association has local representatives from 13 medical schools across Ukraine. UMSA includes not only Ukrainian students, but also a great deal of international medical students from 116 foreign countries who are studying in Ukrainian universities.

The Ukrainian Medical Students’ Association carries out its mission without any political, social, religious, racial, national, or sexual discrimination. The spirit of the association is to protect the interests of medical students and to promote the effective implementation of future opportunities in today’s medical environment by providing cultural, environmental, recreational, amateur athletic, scientific and educational activities.

UMSA activities include assisting medical students in acquiring practical experience and theoretical medical knowledge in different countries, development of medical education, promotion of scientific and professional medical student exchanges, cooperation with the government, the organization of seminars, lectures, conferences, workshops and other activities.

The concept of association is actively cooperating with the International Federation of Medical Students Association