The Standing Committee on Public Health (SCOPH) brings together medical students to learn, build skills, cooperate, explore and share ideas when it comes to addressing all issues related to public health, including global health issues, health policies, health promotion and educational activities.

Major goals of the SCOPH are:

  • Raising awareness about global public health issue
  • Educating & training medical students to become actively involved in public health issues
  • Working as a team and collaborating with other public health organizations to make a difference in global health issues locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Ensuring continuity and sustainability of our public health projects.

The majority of SCOPH Projects are:

  • Based on Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
  • Orientated to the specific needs of the Populations in each Region, Nation & Local Society
  • Our communities gain in knowledge, health and experience. Additionally medical students involved in projects gain a much better understanding of public health issues affecting their own country as well as of the situation in other countries of the world. This knowledge sharing sheds the light on the global health implications.

Chronic Diseases (including Cardiovascular Diseases, Diabetes mellitus, Cancer, etc.), Alcohol and Substance Consumption, Malaria, TB, Tropical and Infectious Diseases, Mental Health, Child and Adolescent Health, Ageing, Road Safety and Violence, Natural Disasters, Nutrition, Poverty and Social Inequalities, Rural and Remote Health, Regional Health Problems are some of the main topics that SCOPH focuses on.

On a national level, SCOPH is coordinated by the National Public Health Officer (NPO). Every local commitee has a Local Public Health Officer (LPO).