Good vision for every student event was held in Uzhhorod National University by UMSA-UzhNU members in order to promt young people and students to care about their vision and attend an ophtalmologist when needed. Everyone eager to check his vision was more than welcome to do so, and in fact many students did.

UMSA was created to encourage social importance of medical care in Ukraine, help medical students attain knowledge and skills in different countries all around the globe by cooperating with the world biggest medical students federation. Moreover, UMSA members are more than eager to promote ideas of humanity and medical ethics, healthy lifestyle and significance of young people in forming new educational approaches.

The head of SCOPH commitee in the region, Kristina Loghai informed us about one more event, which will take place in the nearest future - Hepatitis and AIDS monitoring and raising awereness among students: «We are planning on doing such events regularly. As fofr today's event - the results are different from person to person. Some students have very good vision, while others aren't and do not even wear glasses. We reccomend everyone to visit the ophtalmologist more often, whereas vision is easy to lose and difficult to regain».

UMSA VPE Volodymyr Smolanka noted, that similar event have already been held in Uzhhorod before: «We have held two events on diabetes among our city's population and found 20 new cases. We've advised people to visit a diabetologist at the Regional hospital. The best thing about it is the two-side effect. Not only do we help people, but we also encourage students to take active part in such events.