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On November 23rd Uzhgorod National University students and teachers had an opportunity to be examined by ophthalmologists and get to know what kind of exercises one should do to maintain sharp vision.

The Eyesight Checkup Event was initiated by UMSA. Event coordinators – Arsen Bilanyn (UMSA's local coordinator), Olexandr Golubenko (the head of the SCOPH committee) and Bernadetta Alfeldiy ( the head of the SCORP committee).

This event took place in the university for the second time. One of the coordinators, Olexandr Golubenko, explains: "The goal of such an event is to estimate the eyesight level, its approximate correction, consulting on prevention the development of myopia. During the event the willing students were taught gymnastic exercises for training and relaxing eye muscles and also went through retinoscopic examination. Around 400 volunteers were examined. Most of the students appear to have 100% vision, but a great amount was revealed to have reduced vision for 10-30%, which is the result of missing the on-time diagnostics. After consulting with medical students a great deal of participants decided to get glasses and gave a promise to do the hygienic eye gymnastics regularly."

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Marya Yakubishyn, philology faculty student, visited the event with her friends and is very happy about it:" Today our teachers informed us that a free eyesight checkup is taking place on the 3rd floor. There were a lot of students willing to participate. We were offered to fill in the form and answer some questions, and then we had our eyesight checked. I have 100% vision! We like how everything was organized – nice atmosphere and welcoming attitude. We have also been taught how to let our eyes relax."

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Anastasiya Svid, a third-year student checks her vision every year. She told us, that math faculty students got to know about the event from Pavlo Mulesa, their dean's deputy on educational activities. The girl says, she has 100% eyesight, that's why she has no need in special exercises.

Not only students, but teachers as well took part in the vent. Pavlo Mulesa, who organized the students and had his vision checked as well, says that he noticed slight depravation: "I've got two ophthalmologists in my family – my mother and sister, but I never get my vision checked. Today's examination showed my vision to be 80%. I think, it's not that bad, noting that I've been working on my PC for a long time since childhood and I do spend much time working on my computer nowadays. To be honest, I own polarized glasses, meant for using during the work on your computer, but I never wear them. But I have been doing eyesight training exercises, some time ago – I've got professionals in the family, none-the-less."

The examination results are for the most part satisfying, however, everyone should keep track of his eyesight status be regularly examined in order to avoid problems in future.