International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA) offers 2 types of exchange, research and professional, which will soon be available for ukrainian medical students.
Research Exchange

The Standing Committee on Research Exchange (SCORE) seeks to give medical students across the world the opportu- nity to gain exposure to medi- cal training in other countries
The mission of SCORE is to offer future physicians an opportunity to experience research work and the di- versity of countries all over the world. This is achieved by providing a network of locally and internationally active students that globally facilitate access to research exchange projects. Through our programming and op- portunities, we aim to “develop both culturally sensitive students and skilled researchers intent on shaping the world of science in the upcoming future
Professional Exchange

The Standing Committee On Professional Exchange (SCOPE) was the first Standing Committee to be created within the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA), and forms its backbone. The student exchange scheme was set up in 1951 SCOPE, but the now-familiar common application form was not introduced until later, in1968. Starting from 1956, 11 countries participated in SCOPE exchanges; this number kept on growing as years passed and as IFMSA expanded, and in 2009, more than 650 Local Committee and 1200 Medical Faculty participated in the exchange program, sending over 9000 students to benefit from a clinical clerkship in 86 different countries.