Scientific potential of youth - the progress of future medicine


Dear colleagues!

The administration of Uzhhorod National University, as well as members of the Students' Scientific Society sincerely invite you to join us at the XIII international medical students' conference "Scientific potential of youth - the progress of future medicine", which will be held on April 22-25, 2015 at Uzhhorod National University.

Throughout the last few years our conference has become quite popular among young scientists in Ukraine and abroad. Last year's event was attended by approximately 200 medical students from 11 medical universities. Conference materials included 239 publications written by students from 15 regions of Ukraine and nearby countries.

We have established a new tradition in Ukrainian conference history by implementing workshops and open lectures into our program, which raised the bar for every single medical event held in our country. Thus, last year students had the possibility to listen to:
1. Yurij Andrashko - PhD, Dr.Sc., professor at Uzhhorod National University, former president of Euroasian Association of Dermatologists.
2. Olexandr Torokhtin - PhD, Dr.Sc., professor at Uzhhorod National University Magyar Tudományas Akadémia külhoni tag, member of Ukrainian association of physiotherapists
Also, 3 workshops were held in:
1. Neurosurgery by Volodymyr Smolanka - MD, PhD, Doctor of Sciences (Dr. Hab.), professor of Neurosurgery, rector at Uzhhorod National University, president of Ukrainian Association of Neurosurgeons, member of Training Committee at European Association of Neurosugical Societies
2. Surgery by Yaroslav Shprakha - MD, PhD, tutour at surgical department of Uzhhorod National University 
3. Microbiology by Galyna Kovalj - PhD, professor at Uzhhorod National University

2uAZa5D ngMAs for entertainment, our program includes a stand-up reception just inside a centuries-old Uzhhorod castle, movie watchthrough, an entertaining concert, discos at "Phantom" and "Maximus" night clubs and wine-tasting together with a BBQ at the last day.

Be ready for even more surprises and fun this year!

Detailed information: CONF2015.STUDSCIENCE.NET

Wishing you the best of luck and hoping to see you soon,
Volodymyr Smolanka
Head of organising committee