Project status: active

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The Internet in general and YouTube in particular give medical students incredible possibilities for studying their profession. Anatomy tutorials, physiology and biochemistry videos, live-ops – all of this creates a massive pull of information available to every single student in the world.

However, Ukrainian students often face the language barrier. This is a great problem, because the majority of information is in the English language. Russian web contains only 1/50 of the possible information, whereas Ukrainian part of the web does not contain educational videos on medicine at all. Our medical internet resource is 950 times smaller than the English part and, in fact, it contains mainly some medical humor videos.

That is why UMSA-UzhNU member introduced an idea of creating a YouTube channel with Ukrainian educational medical videos. At the moment, we have a team of students and medical personnel at Uzhhorod National University, creating and voicing videos for Ukrainian medical students. We are open to everyone eager to contribute to the idea of Ukrainiazing world innovation processes in medical education!