About Uzhhorod:


Uzhhorod is one of the most ancient cities of Ukraine and at the same time eternally young. This year we celebrated its 1120 anniversary.

The cities’ population is about 117,3 thousand people and representatives of more than 70 nationalities live here. Being the center of Transcarpathian region, it spreads out on both sides of the river Uzh at the border with Slovakia.

Uzhhorod has 12 sister-cities, among them Corvallis,Oregon, Darmstadt, Germany...


A little bit of history

The best known of the first city founders are the Slavs. One of their tribes – the White Chroatians - settled the area of the modern Uzhhorod in the second half of the first Millenium AD. During the 9th century a fortified castle changed into a fortified town-settlement, which became the center of a new Slavonic Principality, at the head of which was a legendary prince Laborets. In the 10th and 11th centuries Uzhhorod was one of the most distant south-western outposts of Kyiv Rus.  In the 12th century the whole area came under the rule of Hungarian feudal state. In 1919 the city became a part of Czechoslovakia and it was a part of Czechoslovakia till 1938 when Transcarpathia was captured by Horthy Hungary. On the 27th of October, 1944 the fourth Ukrainian Front enters Uzhhorod and in 1946 it becomes the regional center of Transcarpathia.

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Uzhhorod is an ancient European city with numerous historical and architectural relics of European value. The castle from the 16th century where  the Art Gallery and the Historical museum are situated, the Museum of folk architecture and ethnography, the Greek Catholic cathedral, Old City Hall building, Horiany Rotonda (built in the 12th century), the European longest linden alley attract tens of thousands tourists. The Philarmony, the former synagogue, was built in 1904 by the project of Hungarian architects Popp and Sabolchy in ancient mavritan style.

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There are monuments to Shevchenko, Fentsik (the Transcarpathian writer and educator of the 19th century), Duhnovych, (the Transcarpathian philosopher, writer and educator) and Voloshyn.

In Uzhhorod the basic industries are food industry, light industry, the processing of wood and furniture manufacture and manufacture of machines and equipment


Uzhhorod is often called a garden city because of the richness of its greenery. The surrounding hills are covered with vineyards. You may see many exotic plants and bushes and magnolias, Japanese cherries, roses etc.

Uzhhorod State University (now National) was opened in 1945 and more than 15000 students study at the university in its 17 departments.There is an Institute of Computer Sciences, Economics and Law. There are 22 secondary schools, a Music college, an Art Institute and Cultural–Educational College.

Overall, Uzhhorod’s rich past history and hospitable modern people make it a noteworthy place to visit


About Medical Faculty of Uzhhorod National University


Medical faculty of Uzhhorod National University (UzhNU) – one of the largest faculties at the university – is crucial in development of the university as well as in health care in Zakarpatska oblast. Throughout its existence the faculty has graduated students 60 times and has trained over 7600 doctors who have been working not only in Ukraine but also in the countries near and far abroad. The faculty has made solid gains in the professional training of its students in recent years. It has been caused by the opening of two new specialities. The specialty “Bachelor – General duty nurse” was opened in 2002 and the specialty “Pharmacy” – in 2004. The faculty graduated first bachelors in 2004. Period of study: for the specialty “Medical care” – 6 years, the admission license is for 200 students; for the specialty “Pharmacy” – 5 years, the admission license is for 50 students; for the specialty “Bachelor – General duty nurse” – 2 years, the admission license is for 50 students.

More than 1000 students are studying at the faculty as for today. Highly qualified scholars and medical practitioners support the academic activities. There are 36 Doctors of Sciences, Professors; 85 Candidates of Sciences, Assistant Professors; 2 laureates of the state prize of Ukraine, 4 Academicians of the civic academies of sciences; 7 Honoured Doctors of Ukraine; 1 Honoured worker of education, science and technology of Ukraine; 1 Honoured educator of Ukraine; 2 Honoured research workers of Ukraine; 7 members of the Training Councils for PhD and Doctorate defence. The students from the different regions of Ukraine as well as from foreign countries, such as Russia, Belorussia, Trans-Dniester, Turkmenistan and Hungary study at the faculty. Among the graduates of the faculty were the citizens of Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Lebanon, Syria and Guinea-Bissau.

The university facilities – are the main building, a numerous departments of the regional and city clinical hospitals, four policlinics and six dispensaries. All the district hospitals in Zakarpatska oblast which are multifaceted medical establishments are used for practical training.

The faculty expands its geography of the international bonds every year. Thus, in recent years, the professors from Austria, Germany, France, USA and Hungary have been giving lectures to the medical students. The lecturers of the faculty have undertaken a scientific and pedagogic internship in Japan, Netherlands, USA and Scotland. As well as our students have done practical training and internship in USA, Greece, Yugoslavia, Hungary and Slovakia,

The mass cultural events (sport competitions, Hippocrates's evening parties, Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted, Miss Medical Faculty etc.) are actively held at the faculty. Students-sportsmen are multiple champions in the Universities' Spartakiada Games. There is a student research society at the faculty. The students published over 300 scientific articles only for the last five years. About 20 students' scientific circles work by the chairs where over 250 students are involved. Our students are the winners of the Academic Olympics not only in Ukraine but also in many foreign countries.

The particular highlights of the faculty are the graduates who manage and work at the lead scientific and medical institutes: professor I.M. Lohay (director of Academic Filatov Research Studies Institute of eye diseases in Odessa till 2004); member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Russia, professor A.F. Tsyb (director of the Radiological Centre of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Russia, Obninsk, Russia); member of the Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Medical Sciences of Russia, professor Yu.S. Sydorenko (director of the Cancer Centre in Rostov-on-Don, Russia); Associate of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, professor M.Ye. Polishchuk (Department Chairman of neurosurgery at Kyiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education); Associate of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, professor V.Z. Netiazhenko (the dean of the 2nd medical faculty at Kyiv national medical university); professor V.I. Rusyn, who was rector of UzhNU in 2004-2005.

The system of the academic supervision has been used at the faculty recently. It enables to approach the lecturers to the students and the students to the lecturers. Such interrelations let the lecturers go deeply into the problems of the students' life in order to improve it.

The different forms of the students' self-government have been extensively developed. It's clearly traced in the activity of the students' scientific community, students' union organization, social dean's office and the students' dormitory council.

The social dean's office of the faculty is an organization containing 120 students, consisting of the monitors of all the academic groups and headed by the social dean.

The students' union organization enumerates about 760 members and it is represented by the union organization bureau of the faculty. The organization represents the students' interests at the Board of Studies as well as at the university level. The students' union organization hold regularly the following events: Hippocrates's evening parties dedicated to the Medical Worker's Day celebrating; Freshman Days dedicated to the young crop of the faculty students; Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted; different sporting competitions. In recent years the students' union organization founded the contest "Miss and Mister of the Medical Faculty" the holding of which became a good tradition at the faculty.