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Машкур Іса, студент Буковинського державного медичного університету розповідає про стажування в Турині, що в Італії.

"Italy is an awesome country for exchange, with a first-class health care system and friendly doctors. I had the wonderful experience of being in Torino, specifically, at the department of surgery of Ospedale Mauriziano Umberto I. All the surgeons were always eager to help and teach me, explaining as the surgeries went on. New techniques in varied operations were few of the things I enjoyed together with being assistant in few of the surgeries.
The hosting NMOs were both welcoming and friendly ready to provide assistance where possible and necessary. 5 other exchange students were also present, making it quite interesting. Lots of memorable times together with picnics, tours, dinners, apéritifs and the likes! We had the opportunity to visit other marvelous cities in Italy which I must say was quite and enriching experience!
Another round of applications would begin soon for the 2017/2018 exchange session. I implore you to step out of your comfort zone and take a step in the right direction. You will never regret it as it will be an experience cherished your whole life. Moreso, you would be left yearning for more. Make a Change, Go For Exchange!!!"

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