Database of PR reports

Attention! There are some changes  about publication of reports

How to report about the local activities? Including the implementation of national projects at the local level:

  1. Project PR submits a PR-report about the local event through a form on the website You need to approve the image in small PR groups.
  2. The report is displayed in the database, where National PR within 3 working days makes changes to the text in the appropriate column, if necessary
  3. After that, local/project PR can make a post about the local event on local pages, with corrected text and approved image(s).

Reporting on national projects is still carried out according to the scheme approved by the Regulations on project activities.

If the report is published on local pages before filling out the form and reviewing the text of National PR, you will have to delete it, otherwise the organizing team will not receive points for this event.